Great fun with a 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite named Sara… and first in class too!

As you might imagine, I get really excited to receive an email like the one below from the folks who purchased the Bugeye “Sara” from us (click any photo for a closer look):

“Hello David –

Sorry to be so late in letting you know about the car show. We had an absolute blast and Sara was a really big hit. WC could barely look at other cars for all the people interested in talking with him about Sara. We were thrilled to win (rather that Sara won) first in class. Attached are a few pictures for you.

This car is so much fun. A poor guy in a Prius nearly ran off the road today because he was watching Sara and forgot he needed to watch where he was going. I think I need to check to make sure there isn’t a law on the Virginia books against distracting another driver!!

We got your message regarding the carpet and are excited to take that on as our next project when you are ready to ship it.

Best Regards, Pam ”

Congratulations to Pam and WC, Sara’s proud new parents!

Notice their cool new custom license plate! If you are unfamiliar, all Bugeye chassis numbers start with AN5, and the L is for left hand drive.

One any given day, we now have almost 100 Bugeyeguy Bugeyes like Sara roaming the earth, all in a wide variety of conditions. This is a story of a very happy couple enjoying theirs, and winning trophies to boot!

More than any other car I have encountered, both husbands AND wives have enjoyed bringing these cars into their lives. And so I just love seeing this particular email from happy clients… while a very low power car in relative terms, Bugeyes have the power to unite couples and to bring both sexes to car shows, and to car collecting as a hobby… not with high horsepower, but with maximum personality.

Bugeyes make people happy. And they do so with grace.

Every day, we do everything we can to make these cars great again, and to keep them on the road spreading the word. And we will continue to stock a great fleet of Bugeyes for sale at a variety of price points for the next new proud parents looking to adopt one of these wonderful cars into their lives.

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