Passion for the Preservation of Austin Healey Bugeye Sprites

At, you can count on us to offer a wide selection of great Bugeyes at prices to suit all budgets. From completely stock to radically modified, we work hard to maintain a great inventory of at least ten great Sprites. We cater to buyers around the world who are looking to get into a turn-key car.

Each of these cars carries with it the passion and care of its former owners. Each car has been further improved in our workshop, where we use our wealth of Bugeye experience to make these cars their very best.

We are crazy about these cars. We love their big personalities, the stories that come with them, the people who have traveled millions of miles in them, and the simple systems that drive them. We are committed to improving these special vehicles and to the mastery of their preservation.

I became addicted to Bugeyes in high school, and in In 1979, I found a Bugeye for sale in the New York Times Sunday Classifieds which I ultimately bought for $1100. “Gumby” was parked on the Street in New Haven, CT, when I found him, in primer gray with weathered turquoise seats. The car is the only thing I still own from 1979. Look what he spawned 33 years ago.

As an anniversary present, Gumby is undergoing his second major restoration, and will be ready next Spring for car shows and club visits.

Our goal is to ignite or rekindle the passion for Bugeyes within you. Please call or email if you would like to give one of these wonderful little cars a new home.

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