Super Trick Mini Shelby 1960 Bugeye for sale!

Shelby is now sold and will be heading to a new home in Rhode Island. Check out Wolf as an alternate.

Here’s a Bugeye that’s part Cobra.

Click here to see Shelby’s photo album…

“Shelby” is a very impressive build, with thousands spent on one-of-a-kind bodywork. She just won a trophy at British By the Sea this past weekend which was attended by more than 300 cars. This is one very cool car!

We did a bunch of work on Shelby so I could drive her to the show–we changed the master cylinder with a brand new upgraded and sleeved unit and swapped the calipers with brand new rebuilt units, including new pads. We also put in a new fuel tank for reliability. These are great items the new owner will appreciate as the car is now ready to drive anywhere.

Check out the video in the “read more” section below, which was shot from Shelby at highway speed. The other blue car in the photo above and in the video is “Big Blue,” purchased a year ago by Steve from Westport, CT, with me for the trip to the car show, where Blue placed 3rd and Shelby placed 2nd!

The car is rock solid with zero vibration, courtesy of a tight front end and new wheels and tires. She also has a 3.7 rear end from a later Midget which allows overdrive-like highway cruising (the stock ratio is 4.22-3.7 reduces highway RPMs and improves fuel efficiency). Very civilized!

Every seam and gap typical to Bugeyes was welded, ground and faired for a surprisingly clean look. Gone is the fender beading that is typical to Bugeyes.

The restorer spared no expense on the exterior as he attempted to make a miniature Cobra… he welded shut the seams in the front of the nose and rockers and then welded shut the jack holes. Next he faired the parking lights (they were moved to the grill in front and tail light units in back)for a completely custom and smooth look. He even welded filets in the rear license plate recess, eliminating the wide British plate recess in favor of a narrow license plate depression you would see on a Cobra. He capped off the project with an actual factory five roll bar and chopped grill. This was all done with new metal, not filler.

The car is smooth and beautiful! The shape of the car is accented without the beading in the way, and with all the other seams are welded shut, this Bugeye looks much more aerodynamic. I happen to love this look, and the workmanship was not just hacked together in someone’s driveway, but instead carefully executed by a skilled fabricator.

The paint work is exceptional, with clear coat applied over the painted racing stripes. Floor pans were replaced during the restoration. It’s all high quality work that is done right and done to last!

Shelby is great fun to drive and has a 427 I mean 1275 engine, down draft weber carburetor conversion, disk brakes, front anti-roll bar, minilight wheels, performance exhaust, hotter street cam, leather wrapped sport steering wheel, and spin- on oil filter upgrade. Her dash is fit with a modern cd player. These are all really nice and expensive upgrades.

Shelby comes with a new tonneau, which fits quite nicely as shown in the photo. The installer has added extra snaps around the perimeter of the cockpit to make the tonneau even more weather-tight. Like the rest of this car, it’s well executed, and will allow the new owner to get caught out in a shower at a car show and seal the cockpit with this tonneau while taking cover. In fact, we drove through a shower on our way home from a recent car show, and with Shelby’s tonneau fastened on the passenger side, no rain entered the car. My head and shoulders got wet… the interior stayed dry.

Shelby is not for the purist. But if you want a knock-out Bugeye that is extra unique, then take Shelby home with you!

Click here to see Shelby’s photo album…

Here’s the video of a pair of Bugeyes enroute to a car show:

Take a test drive in the video below!

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