Nice 1960 Bugeye driver for sale, “Winston”

This is Winston, and I love this particular driver. Take a drive in the video above!

He’s got a solid and straight body, and is nice enough to impress, but not so nice that you have to worry. We have this car is for sale at a very reasonable price that includes a brand new rebuilt transmission. This is a lot of classic car for the money, and an easy point of entry into the world of classic cars at a price that won’t break the bank.

And the car drives great!

When we got Winston he had been hibernating since 1999, so we went through the car to make him a driver once again. We put in a new water pump and restored the braking system with all new wheel cylinders and brake shoes as needed, and now the car drives and stops wonderfully. He sounds great and everything works wonderfully. Great oil pressure, no smoke, ready to drive and enjoy with the exception of the tranny mentioned above. Cosmetically nice… could use new carpet, which we have in stock.

I like the body on this car–it has not been bashed-up, dented or molested, unlike a lot of the Bugeyes I see online. Check out the nose in particular… you’ll see the seams are straight and the vulnerable front of the nose has never been hit.

He’s had various restoration infusions, including new rocker panels, and some floor panel patching, and a rebuilt 948 engine. This car is box stock, with a correct dashboard with the addition of only an ammeter. He has new and correct rubber door linings. The heater was removed but we have used ones if you would like to add one (he lived down South in warm climate). Everything else is where it should be. And as such, I love this car, an unmolested Bugeye in stock form.

Winston starts right up and runs well with good oil pressure, and he doesn’t smoke. We have Winston for sale at a very attractive price. Call for details! And click on “read more” below to see more pictures and information!

The paint still shines quite well, although there are a few minor cosmetic blemishes. Much has already been invested in this car, now all he needs is a new loving owner and more frequent exercise.

We try to offer a wide range of Bugeye possibilities, ranging from fully restored gems to a range of project cars. Winston is a great car in our lineup at a price that makes British car collecting accessible to all. He’s an adorable classic anyone would be proud to own. Feel free to call 203 561 6929 to discuss this great Bugeye.

Here’s a slide show with more photos!

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