Fantastic 1961 Morris Minor Woody Traveler for Sale

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This car is now sold, and has moved to a new home in Florida! Thank you for your interest!

While we specialize in Bugeyes, we love all British cars, and the Morris Traveler is a particular favorite. We’ve had three.

This car, called “Maurice,” was the first car I ever got my wife. I gave it to her as a Christmas gift about four years ago, and she loved it so much, she told me she wanted to be burried in it! (for once I got a gift right!).

We did a ton of work to keep get the car in great shape for her, including replacing the glove box liners with the proper flocked units, installing the correct cargo shelf under the dashboard, and replacing the foam and diaphragms in the seats. We also installed a nifty 3 point retractable seat belt and replaced the exhaust system. Most recently, we put in a strong 948 twin carb engine. The car drives wonderfully, with good power and great fun! I think more people actually get excited to see this car than they do when we drive Bugeyes, and that’s saying a lot! I’ve had a guy at gas station station come up to me recently and simply say, “priceless.”

Now, since I gave my wife a Traveler in a color she likes better, this great car is for sale. One thing she will miss on her new Moggie is the working trafficators. Maurice has these wonderful wands that work beautifully-like hands coming out of the b pillar to point the way. They light up and make people smile.

We have used this most often in the seat folded down mode, our British SUV, and it holds quite a bit (has a trailer hitch too!). The wood is quite good, although not perfect. Same with the body, very nice and straight, with a few cosmetic blemishes. Perfect enough that my wife thought it was perfect, and only a car geek like myself would see any flaws. Rear fenders have been replaced with excellent fiberglass repros, popular in Britain, so they will not rust.

One other thing I forgot to mention simply because it was a non-issue for my wife… the car is right hand drive. Leslie has never owned let alone driven a right hand drive car, and yet for her it was a blast, and she took to it easily without hesitation, and I believe she would say that this is all part of the fun of ownership of one of these cars (in fact, her new Morris is also RHD). So if she can do it, anyone can, and more importantly, it is not at all a detriment but an asset, because the strong personality of these cars is enhanced by this novelly. I find that my mood and attitude change once I remember to get in to drive on the right… I often go to get in on the left, and then with a deep breath as I walk to the proper side, I remember it’s time to relax and enjoy the ride!

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CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT Maurice’s photo album!

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