For Sale: One LILHUNY of a 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite


Here’s one LilHuny of a Bugeye at a great price!

LILHUNY was a gift from husband to wife who had a Bugeye in her youth. Sadly, she got sick without fully enjoying her honey, and they had to move on. We acquired this car to pass it on to a new owner who can enjoy it.

One thing you might notice from many of our posts… many people with strong British car memories are aging without getting a chance to re-live the fun and vitality these cars bring. It’s a constant reminder that we humans wear out faster than these cars! And it’s a reminder not to postpone joy!

Anyway, HUNY has has a lot of restoration work, including brand new carpet this month… we replaced the tan kit with a nice black set-up, and it looks better than ever! The trunk is now also lined with premium black carpet! The seats are covered in really soft glove leather, not vinyl as on most Bugeyes. The dashboard is covered in the same leather too! We’ve also installed correct ribbed rubber door liners, just as when the car was new! Interior now looks great! She’s a Huny!

LilHuny was gone over quite thoroughly by Sportscar Services in Vermont before our acquisition, where they installed four new brake drums, new wheel cylinders, new brake shoes and new brake hoses all around. She has great stopping power now!

Also installed are zero mile tires, and lovely freshly painted wheels.

The car has a strong 948 engine upgraded with electronic ignition and larger HS2 SU twin carburetors. She runs and drives wonderfully.

The underside is restored with new flat sheet metal–not quite as nice an underside as when we weld in new factory reproduction panels, but very acceptable, and we have priced the car with consideration of the not-tournament-quality underside. But it’s strong and fine, and the top side looks great!

Paint is good, shines nicely, looks great, no dents or dings. Very straight and solid. Engine bay looks great!

This car is ready to go, good fun and one nice blue Bugeye for sale. The Ivory top is very good and looks quite nice on the car. No sidecurtains, but we have new ones available.

Call 203 561 6929 for pricing if you would like to bring this little honey into your life!

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