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1960 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale

Larry is now sold and will be heading to a new home in Maryland this week! Check out Randy for another really nice Bugeye!

If you’re looking for a clean and authentic Bugeye Sprite look no further. This is “Larry,” a nicely restored, correct and authentic Bugeye Sprite.

This car was lovingly restored by passionate collector about five years ago. Very few miles have been added since that restoration. It was built with an original 948 engine and smooth case transmission. The engine compartment is immaculate and the restorer worked hard to keep everything correct under the nose.

It’s nice to see the engine bay painted white to match the car, and the underside of the nose is painted white too– this was a thorough restoration, with the engine removed for paint. Inside of boot was also painted white.

He did add a spin on oil filter conversion kit, so oil changes are much more pleasant now!(if you are unfamiliar, the original type included a canister oil filter, which often results in a pretty messy oil change… the conversion kit allows the use of a modern spin-off and discard oil filter–much easier!). Also equipped with a nice solid state electronic fuel pump, recommended!

The interior is very nice with new seats and carpet. Dashboard was redone and all the gauges and switches are in the right place. A cigarette lighter is the only addition.

Paint is driver quality… good enough to impress, but not so nice that you would be afraid to drive the car. And Larry is great fun to drive!

The car also comes with well-restored original wheels and great tires plus new side curtains and a nice top, top frame and tonneau. This is a nice weather protection kit! Speedo is stuck, but we have rebuilt units available.

Here’s a great restored Bugeye we can deliver to your door before Christmas! Larry is available at a very affordable price. Call for more details!

Click here to check out Larry’s photo album!

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