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Freshly restored 1961 Bugeye for sale!

Here’s a new arrival called Randy! He’s got a strong 1275 engine, disk brakes, front anti roll bar (for better handling), spin-on oil filter (for easier maintenance) and a brand new paint job, just completed this summer. He also has a new top.

You can see his name tape on the dash… we need these to help us tell all our Bugeyes apart! NEW this week-we’ve properly painted the license plate light support red, and changed the turn signal switch to a correct new unit. See photos in the album linked below.

This is a solid car with an excellent finish. He features later mark three Sprite seats which are more comfortable than the early Bugeye seats. I like the racing fuel filler cap, looks swift! This is a really nice Bugeye.

He’s extremely quick– this is a really good 1275 engine with lots of power– this car is really fun to drive!

The underside is excellent. We found one small rust hole in the passenger footwell which we are cutting out and re-welding this week, to make the underside quality match the topside. We know how to fix this issue and will do it right!

Click here to see another 50 great photos of this car, including engine and underside pictures…

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