A Glowing 1960 Bugeye Sprite

This is Wolf. We’re preparing this car for shipment to a new owner in Vancouver, Canada. I snapped this picture of Russ yesterday, while he was testing Weber carburetor adjustments. I was surprised to see a great halo, but then again, Russ is often surrounded by a halo, as he tirelessly whips these cars into shape.

Russ has about 35 years of experience tuning engines and fixing cars and we are very lucky to have him on the Bugeyeguy team.

His mission with Wolf: smooth the throttle transition stumbles and optimize horsepower. And Russ delivered. A few jet modifications, some new rubber parts and a carburetor rebuild later, Wolf now roars, and our afternoon of tuning delivered awesome results.

We don’t settle at Bugeyeguy. Lots or people throw a new Weber carb (and lots of other modifications) at their 1275 engine, and figure they’re done. But there are few silver bullets, and most of the bits out of the box need some sort of integration to the whole. It takes experience to know how to get it all to work right.

People sometimes ask me if we flip cars, and frankly, there isn’t much flipping to be had– not when you are custom fitting a short tonneau around four roll bar supports (as we did for Wolf), or modifying a Weber so that it finally runs right… it takes time, experience and commitment. And that’s what Bugeyeguy does best.

Wolf will roar down a Canadian Street this Spring as a result.

We’ve now had about 100 Bugeyes pass through our shop. Each one has taught us something. Each one has left in far better condition than when it arrived. And each one demonstrates the potential of these wonderful little cars.

For 2013, we continue to expand our capacity to deliver the ultimate completely stock Bugeye, or to customize and build you the ultimate modified machine. We look forward to being of service to you, and we thank you for your support.

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