The perfect Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite?

Many of our customers are a little less nimble than they were back in the 60s, so we are building a custom Bugeye with ease of access as a priority. We cut a car in half, and are in the process of making the cockpit five inches longer. This way, our extra large customers won’t need to work so hard to get in or out of their Sprite.

That’s a stock Bugeye below, and the same car photoshopped below with a five-inch longer door. If you stare are these two pictures, you can see the stock Bugeye door actually looks quite short, and our new version has perhaps a better visual balance. Purists may cry foul, but for years Bugeyes have been customized with a wide range of modifications, and this one will open back up Bugeye ownership to a sub-group that had previously had to look elsewhere.

This project was born when one of our 6’5″ customers called to ask if the 60 Bugeyes were any smaller than the 59s… he had a 59 in High School and remembered fitting a lot better than in the 1960 Bugeye we sent him! (they’re all the same size) So we set out to build this LWB project, for all customers 6’5″ and above, and for anyone who wants fine British sports car with even easier access.

Our goal is to make the car look just like an original Bugeye, only longer. We don’t have any data to confirm how it will handle with a five inch wedge welded in, but we’re betting it will drive great, and we’ll let you know with a drive video when we are done! We’ll post more videos as the project progresses.

This car is for sale, and can be finished to your color and performance specifications.

Special thanks to our fabricator Bob Matcheski for the pictures above and for his masterful construction of this car!

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