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Awesome Bugeye Sprite exhaust note highway drive

Please join me for a delightful exhaust symphony in the video below, courtesy of a Bugeye we call Wolf.

This Bugeye has a performance 1275 Engine, Weber downdraft carburetor, performance exhaust system, 5 speed transmission and a host of other modifications. You can see in the video that Wolf cruises along quite well at an indicated 80 mph (due to speedo error, this is more likely about 70) and about 3500 rpms, courtesy of the 5-speed transmission and lower rear end ratio. Wolf is arriving today in Vancouver, Canada for a new owner who waited 25 years to own his ultimate Bugeye.

There are several very strong communities among Bugeye Sprite collectors and hobbyists. Performance lovers want to squeeze all they can get out of these wonderful classic cars and for that community the modifications on Wolf are the norm.

There is another large group of enthusiasts who want their Bugeye exactly the way it rolled off the showroom floor. In fact, next week we will showcase an authentic 1958 Bugeye that’s exactly stock and one of the first thousand cars to roll off the factory floor in 1958. That car still has all the features unique to the earliest Bugeyes still exactly intact.

One of the things that makes our work so much fun is that we strive to build the ultimate car for all of our customers, no matter where they may fall on the stock/modified continuum (and no two collectors want exactly the same thing).

We are approaching the 100th Bugeye to pass through our doors, and each one has been a little different, and each one has helped us to build a better product.

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