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Bugeye Sprites in GQ Magazine!

IMG_5063IMG_0452IMG_0459IMG_0458I was contacted by GQ magazine recently to be featured in a new online series about car collecting that they are creating for their website.

What an honor to share what we do in this new format!

It took all day yesterday to stage the shop and align all the gorgeous cars for photo appeal. We had six Bugeyes in a row on one side of the room, two MGs in the middle and four big Healeys on the other! We had a total of 20 Healeys in our building yesterday! It was wonderful to take a moment an appreciate how we have grown into a full time and national operation!

The shoot took several hours, and we should be able to see it in about two weeks. We’ll post a link here.

The crew brought talent to interview me, named Oliver Trevena, and he’s the guy in the leather jacket seated in the MGA. He said he liked my black 1962 MGA most among all the cars we have.

In the videos, they interviewed me about car-collecting, and asked why we focused on Bugeyes. I told them many cars have sex-appeal, but bugeyes have “pure love” appeal, in that they attract and appeal to just about everyone, and that the rescue and preservation of these wonderful cars was essential for humanity!

I also talked about putting on a car like a favorite pair of jeans, about a car saying something about the driver, and about the sameness of modern cars. We’ll all watch together and see how it all comes out after editing!

I look forward to seeing these cars and our shop on screen!

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