“Willis,”1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Mark 1 for sale-exceptional rotisserie restoration!


Willis is now sold. Check out Bob if you are looking for another awesome restored Bugeye.

We’re excited to introduce what will be one of our best Bugeyes of the year, “Willis.” This is a stunning restoration that included a rotisserie strip-down to bare metal. Every square inch of the car was stripped and recoated and every part was removed and replaced. This great Bugeye is now ready to go! And go it does, as you can see in the fun driving video below!






This fantastic Bugeye is the product of more hours than I am sure the skilled restorer cared to count–and the result is outstanding. We named the car Willis after the guy who deserves all the credit, for all the love and sweat that he put into this project. Thank you Mr Willis for being of service to the Bugeye fleet!

Willis has a powerful 1275 engine with exhaust header, flip forward nose for better engine access, front disk brakes and a whole lot of nice workmanship that comes with with an excellent rotisserie restoration! In particular, you can see how immaculate the car is underneath (and under the bonnet, and everywhere you look).

The car is painted Iris blue, just as it would have been when new.

The interior is really nice, with all the correct dials and switches, and everything works. We replaced the vinyl door liners with the original rubber liners (which we stock btw, if you need them for your Bugeye).

The car looks just like an original Bugeye, which makes this one of our favorite Bugeye packages– great useful modifications, while still retaining the look and feel that made Bugeyes famous. This Bugeye is great fun to drive and very useable!

This is a car for anyone looking for a top-shelf and accurate looking Bugeye who also wants upgraded performance and power. This is a car that will win best in show and get you there with improved drivability. Or if you just want a high-level restored car to drive and enjoy, Willis is a great choice!

If you are more interested in a completely stock and authentic original Bugeye, then “Fred” or “Iris” would be better choices. But if you want a Bugeye that is extremely well-done with great performance upgrades, then Willis is for you!

It is common for us to build a punch list for the cars we purchase, and Willis was no exception. Most of the Classic cars out there need the last 15% finished, and we’re good at completing these projects for customers. This month we went through the entire hydraulic system on Willis, and replaced the master cylinder and rear wheel cylinders. We also detected a rear end wear issue, so we replaced the differential with a 3.9 unit, to achieve better highway cruising than stock. While we were at it, we rebuilt the axle seals and o rings. And finally, we rebuilt the carbs to optimize their operation.

Willis is now ready for a new home, and a lucky owner will be purchasing the hard work from a lot of skilled hands, and at a substantial discount compared to what it would cost to build your own.

Click to enlarge any of the photos shown. Call or email for pricing and/or additional pictures! We’d love to send Willis to your driveway for you to enjoy! Check out our new slideshow below! Click “play” below to watch!

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