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1960 Bugeye Sprite barn find for sale, dormant since 1981!




This Bugeye is now sold, and undergoing restoration in our shop for a new owner in California. Subscribe to our site (upper right section) and you will be notified automatically when our next project car arrives!

Here’s a project car that has been stored inside since 1981. The car was sitting in a garage since then, waiting for restoration. The owner realized that he was never going to get to the project, so he called us at bugeyeguy, traded this car plus cash for one of our drivers called Little HUNY, and now a driving Bugeye sits in that very same garage! (I love these stories of instant garage transformation!)

So we now have “Francine” (named after the wife) for sale for anyone looking for a Bugeye project car. Her lower extremities are rusted–she’ll need front floor pans, rockers, lower rear fenders and A pillar patches (all of which we have in stock). That said, the middle section of the car is better than many barn finds, and this is a good candidate for total restoration. The passenger floor around the spring area will need some repair. The worst rust is in the driver’s footwell and door hinge area. The driver’s spring box is good and the center of the car is also surprisingly good given how much of the rockers rusted away. This is a big project but we have restored cars that also have needed this type of repair and also needed much more welding along the rear bulkhead, which this one doesn’t require. So it’s a project, but we have restored Bugeyes in much worse shape than this, and now that the cars are getting more valuable, many more Bugeyes in this condition will get restored.

The nose is quite good, and shows very little prior damage, mainly an old dent in the lower left front that has been repaired. The contours are all quite straight, and while there will be rust repair required, the body lines are good, with only a few dents.

The car is complete, with an original 948 engine and smoothcase transmission in place. The engine is stuck, but you might be able to free it up. 948 engines are readily available should you need a different one (we have those too for sale). One particularly nice feature is the crayon vin number still visible on the back shelf. You can see this on most of the well- preserved Bugeyes, so it’s nice that this remnant of the factory floor is still visible.

This is a project, but the cars are simple and we have all the parts you would need to bring this car back to life. They’re appreciating nicely. Let’s get Francine back on the road!

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