Fantastic 1954 Austin Healey 100/4 for sale

If I were a car, I would want to be an Austin Healey 100/4.

This car is rolling sculpture and one of what I believe to be the sexiest car ever made. The fact that Gerry Coker designed it and also the Bugeye makes it that much more attractive to me. I am hoarding a white BN1 in my personal collection, and I am excited to have this wonderful Green BN1 now for sale.

So many 100s have been modified to “M” specs, and partially modified with side exhaust or fender vents or v8s or whatever… this car has no Lemans pretensions… it’s just a clean and stock 100, and the pure simplicity without fins, vents or leather straps is part of the fantastic appeal. This is an early BN1, so we also have no tail light reflector pods on the rear deck, for a cleaner rear end. These pods were added in about August 1954, so we presume this car was built prior, although as with all Healeys, few of the production dates and numbers are written in stone.

For me the clean lines are a huge attraction so that the pure form of the car can shine through. Don’t get me wrong, I love 100Ms too, and we have a fully restored blue one coming for sale this week, but this car is pure and simple virgin Austin Healey 100.

Come for a ride with the windshield folded down!

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