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I love this Bugeye. It’s now sold and will be heading to a new home in California! We still have Iris if you are looking for an awesome restored Bugeye. Check her out!

It’s car #AN5l 49049… one of the last 500 or so Bugeyes to be built at Abingdon before they stopped building complete cars in November of 1960, at car # AN5l 49584. So it’s a late car built in late 1960, then shipped to the USA and sold and titled in 1961.

The prior owner and restorer/builder, is named Bob and he is into these big time. This is the second Bugeye he has built. He’s sufficiently passionate to have his own business card that says “British Car Enthusiast,” and so as you might imagine he put a lot of great workmanship into the restoration of this car.

It was completely disassembled and restored, and any rust was cut-out and removed, with new metal welded in place. The underside was painted green to match the topsides and then coated lightly with black undercoating for protection. It’s all solid and beautiful.

The builder put 8,000 miles on the car since it’s restoration and it still drives like new. He has just 3000 miles on the rebuilt 1275 engine that is currently in the car, an upgrade he added in 2005. He rebuilt the front end and put on disk brakes. We just replaced the front shocks, which were due for a rebuild.

Particularly special is the rare period-correct Amco nerf bar on the front bumper, still with the Amco sticker in place. I like the luggage rack fit to a car with the nerf bar–they seem to go together.

The carpet is immaculate, and the dashboard is properly covered with the correct switches and dials, all working as they were designed.

Another nice touch is the upgraded K and N air filters on rebuilt later HS2 carbs. And front sway bar. And deluxe SU electronic fuel pump mounted under the car. And I have recently fallen in love with painted gas caps, which is how they were when new, but chrome has become the path of least resistance for most owners. You have to be careful with painted caps at the filling station, or the paint gets damaged (always put the cap painted surface up on top of the pump when filling). Anyway, Bob did it right, and so we named the car after him.

We just sanded and buffed the car and made it shine beautifully. The tonneau is very good, as are the top and sidecurtains. I’ll add pictures of those accessories to the slideshow below when I get a minute to shoot them.

I had a great time photographing the car on our town dock today, because this is a special car. Thanks Bob!

Come for a ride with me in the video below!

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