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LWB Bugeye Sprite Update #6-First Drive!




We have successfully tested our LWB Bugeye and it drives wonderfully! The bodywork is complete, the primer has been laid on and now it is ready for final wet sanding and paint!

If you are new to our site, this is a prototype Bugeye with a cockpit and wheelbase five inches longer, designed specifically for very tall drivers, and for people with joint issues who want to enjoy Bugeyes again in their retirement and want easy access with a bit roomier door opening.

This week we installed the lengthened drive shaft, ran a new longer brake line to the rear brakes, put in a custom exhaust, put in a new fuel tank and longer fuel line, and fired up the 1275 engine for a drive. It was incredibly exciting to drive a one-of-a-kind Bugeye for the first time, and you can watch the first drive in the video below.

The car drives like a stock Bugeye with a little MGB thrown in. Because the wheel base is 5 inches longer, the car feels a bit more stable and damped, like any longer wheel base car. But the nimble Bugeye spirit is completely intact.

For reference, the stock Bugeye has a 6’8″ wheelbase and the Bigeye LWB model is at 7’1″. MGBs have a 7’7″ wheelbase. Classic Minis are 6’8 and Spitfires are 6’9″.

We look forward to further testing and combined driving, but the first test was extremely successful, and now we will paint the car and begin the custom trim work, to make this car look just like a stock Bugeye, with a little extra!

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