Bugeyeguy Long Wheel Base Bugeye Nears Completion





Our LWB Bugeye is almost done, and we are busily replacing all the various bits that have come off with new or polished replacement components. The final product is wonderful, in correct old English white and deep red.

I’ve driven the car quite a bit now, and it impresses me more and more each time, mainly because it drives and feels just like a Bugeye. There are no new characteristics I can identify that have surfaced, and no bad habits or features. So I have a new reinforcement for my passion for these cars, now that we have discovered that we can modify the dimensions, at least by 5 inches longer, without any adverse effects.

So much of the Bugeye market is driven by modifications. These generally stay within “the norm” and are limited to bigger A series engines and different transmissions, differentials and the like. But here we have a Bugeye that is actually longer, and still feeling very much a Bugeye, and thus our repertoire has expanded, our offerings will now change, and the possibilities expand.

Some have said we should do a 2 plus 2 Bugeye next, but this feels like it is outside the lines. It would seem a Bugeye should always be a small roadster, and our goal in this case was to make access better for two, not to try to change it to a four passenger vehicle.

Also very interesting to me is the issue of visual balance. Some have seen this car and immediately commented that it looks better with a longer door, that the form is now more in balance. If you look at this car next to ABBY, the red Bugeye in front of our shop, you might notice that Abby’s door does indeed look “short.”

This is an ongoing conversation, with no right answer. Unless of course you have had for example a hip replacement and it’s hard now to get into small cars, or you are taller than 6’3″… then the door aesthetic is irrelevant, and the long door Bugeye opens up a new world of possibility for you. And that was our intent with this car as with everything we do… to open the world of Bugeye fun to as many people as possible.

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