Cross Country 1961 Bugeye Sprite for sale




IMG_1455Abby is back!

She drove out of our shop about 18 months ago for a 4500 mile drive to Seattle via Arizona, and when Rick called to say he was interested in a new project, I jumped at the opportunity to buy back this car.

This is a road-ready Bugeye, that we fully sorted out before Rick’s trip, and that he further enhanced and improved after his long trip. And so Abby is now available for the next cross country adventure, or certainly for a fly-in to our shop and fun drive home.

You can read more about this car in the “Rick and Abby’s cross country Bugeye Adventure” section on the right margin of this website.

This is a special car, because Rick spared no expense in upgrading this car for long-haul travel and in maintaining the car after his trip. The car has the best of everything installed… new halogen headlights, brighter LED brake and park lights, disk brakes, 1275 engine, chrome wire wheels, three point seat belts, excellent top, tonneau, windows, luggage rack, motorcycle mirrors in the windshield frame (no extra holes needed) and more!

Another rare feature on Abby is a custom locking partition in the boot, so that behind the seats you have a dividing board that locks in place. It’s a nice security feature, since of course nothing locks on a stock Bugeye.

Fly in and we’ll pick you up at the airport so that Abby can take you home!

I’ll have more Abby photos next week.

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