LWB Bugeye Sprite update: Painted!




Our LWB Bugeye project is coming along nicely, with paint complete in lovely Olde English White, per the original. Next we build the interior, and replace all the trim, restoring each piece as we proceed.

I drove the car back from the paint shop on a wonderful winding road and it drives great, almost identical to a conventional Bugeye but just a tad more stable. If you are unfamilar, we added five inches in the middle of this car, for extra large drivers, or for people who have dexterity, mobility or stiffness challenges. The result is a custom Bugeye, five inches longer than stock.

You’ll notice in the last photo that in this car with the seat in the right place for my 5’8″ frame I have about five inches between the lower seatback and the rear bulkhead. This is the greatest benefit of our LWB design… the seat can now go a full five inches further aft than on conventional Bugeyes, thereby accommodating a larger range of body types. I have seen custom Bugeyes with the rear deck cut out to make the cockpit longer, but in this case the seat can still only go as far aft as the rear bulkhead allows. In the case of our LWB car, we have lengthened the middle of the car, so the visual look and feel of the back of the car did not change, and the seat can go further aft to give the occupants five inches more legroom.

Fly first class in this Bugeye!

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