Wonderful restored 1966 MGB roadster, for sale, with overdrive… drive anywhere!

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My first car was a white 1966 MGB (got my first Bugeye in 1979, my fourth car). I bought it in 1977 when I was sixteen and I towed it home with a rope behind my friend’s mom’s Buick Roadmaster station wagon. The engine was seized and even in 1977, after just 11 years on planet earth, the rocker panels were completely gone.

I loved that car, as any high-schooler would, and when I pulled the engine out on a tree in my parent’s yard and rebuilt it and it actually ran, I felt like pretty hot stuff. It only ran on two cylinders for at least half a semester, but I didn’t mind, the car still got me to school and I was in heaven to have my old English white MGB parked outside.

I’ll never forget how the whole world changed the minute I got the second SU carb to work… what a difference running on all four working cylinders made, and now I actually had a capable sports car, and a new world opened up for me, and I have been focused on creating such nirvana for customers nationwide now on a daily basis.

What a joy to find a sister to my old car, and this one with overdrive, and rocker panels and recent paint to boot!

This is a great MGB, and a wonderful example of a metal dash car, and well worth lusting after, with great chrome wire wheels and a Weber downdraft carb, new seats, an electric cooling fan, auxiliary fuel pump, driving lights and a great ride!

The last owner put about 7,000 miles on this car in four years, and it is a strong driver, ready to take you anywhere in vintage style, and also a stunning looker that will illicit thumbs up from the many other motorists on the road who also spent some time in MGs running on two. Only now that you can afford an actual working and rust-free “B like this one,” you can smile, keep up with traffic and wave back!

This is an MGB for anyone who was touched by these cars, who wants a great fun classic that is ready to drive across country. I’ll post more pictures in the coming days so you can better see this really nice example.

Check out the video test drive below!

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