1968 Peugeot 404 for sale, one-owner all original!




Not a Bugeye and not even British, but a super cool car I found and one I wanted to share. This car is now sold to a passionate car collector in New York.

This car is a US spec car purchased in France in 1968 by the owner who flew in, drove around France a bit, and then brought the car home. I believe Volvo has or had a similar program where you could pick up your car at the factory, tour Sweden, and then ship your car home. Apparently, the red 1968 and “F” stickers on the back were affixed on temporary visitors, with a three-month maximum stay. Now those “F” stickers or three letter stickers for your particular town or weekend getaway have become ubiquitous, but I understand back in 1968 these had a very specific meaning.

This particular Peugeot has an exceptionally nice interior. I wish I could find more British roadsters with interiors so well preserved. There are no cracks on the dash, and no sagging headliner and no drooping door panels, common for example on any MGB GT you might find sitting for the same amount of time.

My family had a 1968 404, in which I used to play in the driveway when I was seven or eight. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t wear out any of the switches, as I must have flipped them all hundreds of times, as I imagined myself a 404 captain, navigating the wilds of my town. Perhaps that’s why I jumped on the opportunity to purchase this car that I never actually drove. It is one of the cars that inspired my passion for interesting old cars.

Check out the slideshow below for more images of this cool car!

Also, check out this cool site that mentioned the car, and if you read the comments you can learn more about 404s from some experts. I didn’t know for example that two million of these were made, that 1968 was the first year for disk brakes and that these cars were called “the french Mercedes!”

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