Awesome Ashton, a 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale from





Ashton is now sold and will be heading to a new home in Ohio. If you love this car, check out Bob, an equally awesome restoration. If you love the minilight wheels on Ashton, these can easily be fit on Bob, and in fact, we can build you a Bugeye any way you like!

I really like this Bugeye, and I know you will too!

Ashton is a 1275 powered car that’s nicely lowered for great handling, with slightly wider tires, disk brakes and a great exhaust note. Also featured is supple glove leather on the seats, not the usual stock vinyl.

The car is further upgraded with 1.5 inch twin SU carbs, 1/4 inch larger in diameter than the standard HS2 carbs you usually get on a Bugeye/1275 package. The car breathes better and more power is the result. This is a quick car you can really use and enjoy, with noticeably more guts than a 948 powered Bugeye!

Another wonderful feature is a mild road cam, that works beautifully in tandem with the better induction system mentioned above. Unlike most Bugeyes, this one “comes on the cam” at about 3500 rpms, and the power builds as the revs increase to the redline. It makes driving this Bugeye that much more fun.

Idle quality is great, with a very mild lope that just hints at more power than your garden variety stock Bugeye. I admire the way that the builder set this up, because there is no downside to this increase in horsepower. He did it just right.

The car is a the result of a multi-year project by a master British car restorer, who has dedicated his lifetime to making great British cars. He stripped the body of the car, cut out any rust, welded- in new panels as needed, laid on a great paint job, and fit all the best mechanical components. And it shows in the quality of the build and the quality of the drive! He also fit an excellent new tonneau and a high end Stay Fast deluxe convertible top (see pictures). No side curtains, but we have new ones available.

We are lucky to have an example of this builder’s work!

The car is ready for another 50 years on the road, and for shows and fun drives this summer! Call or email with questions and for pricing information.

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