Super trick Shelby Bugeye leaves for a new home!



Shelby has left our shop for a new home in Rhode Island.

With this cool car we pushed the envelope, and built on the theme launched by the car’s restorer. To accent the white stripes, we powdercoated the wheels, built custom leather blue seats with white piping, and had custom Smiths gauges made in England with white faces and black centers. We waited 5 months for these to be built, and it was worth the wait. We could have used aftermarket white gauges but wanted to pay tribute to the original equipment even though we were going “off the map.”

Shelby is one-of a kind, and she went to a great home that already has another modified Bugeye in the stable.

I love the way the Bugeye marketplace is made up of distinct segments, and we enjoy catering to them all… first there is the totally stock crowd, that wants the car exactly as it came off the showroom floor. We recently sold Fred, a totally stock 1958 Bugeye, to a customer in this audience.

Then we do a lot in the modified/stock segment-where 1275 engines and disk brakes abound, with an occasional five speed thrown in. This group likes to drive their cars regularly and perhaps do a car show and look stock, while enjoying driveabilty upgrades.

And finally we have a large audience for modified Bugeyes, including our long wheel base car, and engine swaps and more radical choices based on the Bugeye platform. Shelby straddles these last two groups.

Bugeyes have a long history of modifications, right from when they were new. Many Bugeyes were weekend racers back in the 60s, with quick release windshields and flip forward noses plus other mods, so the precedent was set for creative modifications. And even today, you can find Bugeyes in many different flavors.

That’s part of makes our work so entertaining…. we love each community, and love building cars for each audience!

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