(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

The Joy of ownership of a Bugeye Sprite

We’ve had two new Bugeye owners depart in their cars this week for their maiden drive home. You can see Angus and “Brady” in the post below before his drive to Boston, and here’s Rich about to head to Islip (on Long Island) in his new Bugeye, “Bodhi.”


I started playing with Corgi cars as a kid, and drove them all around the living room floor before parking them in their special storage cabinet for the night. Each day I devised a new way to play with my collection, and I was endlessly entertained with the cars and their stories.

Each new Bugeye owner radiates a similar childlike spirit as they depart in their new Bugeye, and it’s so special to see that childlike fascination as they head off in their new Sprite. I am always moved to see such joy on the faces of new Bugeye owners, it’s the most rewarding part of what we do. You should be able to see Fred’s face beaming in the picture above, he’s the new owner of “Abby,” parked next to a pal in an MGTF. Click to enlarge the photo and you can see his joy is palpable.

As they say, no one dies wishing they spent more time at the office, and whenever anyone picks up their Bugeye, I am always moved by people who choose to allocate their hard-earned funds toward childlike fun, long-held dreams and personal bliss.

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