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Arguably one of the lowest mileage Bugeye Sprites in existence-for sale!







This is “Woody,” a one of a kind Bugeye… with just 31k miles.

I bought this car from the second owner, and he got the straight story from the first owner. It’s the real deal. The car sat for many years, and only has 30,800 miles.

The original owner said that he saw the wood dashboard on another Bugeye at the dealership and asked if he could have that kit on his car. Apparently an employee at the dealership built a few like this, and Woody is one of the survivors with such a wood dash. This is not original to Bugeyes, but it was installed in this particular car when new, at the dealership, and is thus correct for this car. Who knows if there are any others surviving like it. The wood kit comes with wood door panels to make enclosed door pockets, with removable tops. It’s well done and very vintage in feel.

When we got the car, there was some rust in the front of the rocker panels, so we cut it out, welded in new sheet metal, and then spot painted the repairs. I wasn’t happy with the result-the repair was great but the colors didn’t match exactly, so we stripped the paint and repainted the entire car with the correct leaf green color. Because the car had already been repainted once in about 1965, we felt that we could justify removing the old paint, because it wasn’t original anyway. You can see the previous paint job (with twin stripes) in the picture with the tonneau. Now, all the rust is gone, the paint is fresh, we got rid of all the scratches on the exterior, and Woody looks better than ever!

The other special ingredients of this car are completely preserved, and were refreshed as needed after the repaint. We refinished the door liners, arm rests and dashboard, so that the entire interior has a great uniform finish. We also replaced any cracked rubber gaskets upon reassembly after paint. The car is ready to go. The paint is excellent and shines beautifully. The color is the correct Leaf Green you would get from the factory.

Of note are the original floor mats, impossible to find, and completely unavailable. Don’t be fooled by the reproductions you might see for sale–these here are one piece mats that are quite different–the repros out there are not accurate, and I don’t even stock them they are so far off (and they are only available in black). If you are unfamiliar, the original mats were rubber, and the quite thin as you might expect on a $1,795 car, so you never see them, unless of course you find a car that has been unmolested and has verifiable low mileage.

Unfortunately, the tunnel rubber mat did not survive-these took more of a beating from sun exposure than the footwell mats-so this one has been replaced along the way with a good carpet replacement. But the rest of the interior is just right, with original low mileage seats just like they came from the showroom, with plenty of life left and in good order. I have included photos of the original vinyl on the seat covers, with a distinctive ORIGINAL pebble grain that is more coarse that what you see in today’s reproductions. I have also included a photo of the underside of the seats, which show the ORIGINAL seat foam, which has air chambers, not solid foam like what you get today. These original seat cushions are still excellent, another piece of evidence to support the original mileage. Normally, high mileage seat pillows are flat, dried out and lifeless. Not so here. Original cockpit panels are also still in place.

The underside is very solid, with only some light surface rust as shown. That can easily be cleaned off, but we left the original patina on the underside, choosing to only renew what we had to. Look closely and you can see the original floor pan vents/drains next to each gusset. This is not what you see on the freshly restored cars with new floorpans-these are the factory original floors. These are solid and have no weak areas.

So this is a special car, and we have improved the exterior finish while preserving it’s authentic charm. Check out the drive below. It all works great, with the stock components as new, and the correct, original and strong 948 engine with great oil pressure, no smoke, and original drum brakes.

The car has a good original tonneau with one hole that would be easy to fix. There is a good top and good windows.

You’ll see completely restored cars come and go, and we can build you a Bugeye any way you like, but we can’t make one like this! You almost never see a genuine low mileage example like this. Don’t miss it!

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