Bugeye cover story in Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car!



We’ve had a great year, with our 100th Bugeye sold (more details on that shortly) and also a great cover story in the September issue of what happens to be my favorite car magazine, Hemmings Sports and Exotic car.

Editor David LaChance paid us a visit and drove three varied cars we sold to customers in the US and Canada. All three cars were ready for delivery, and he got to sample them before they left for their new homes. He photographed details on all three cars, and then we drove them around while he hung out of the back of the Hemmings Ford Flex for the action shots. That’s David (at left) checking his images on his viewfinder, with Bob Matcheski, who fabricated the LWB Bugeye, at the wheel of the white Bugeye. You can see the rest of David’s pictures in the PDF file linked below.

For the climax, David configured the cars on the local dock here in Stony Creek Connecticut, a backdrop that may look familiar to you if you have been following the Bugeyeguy site. He captured a great sunset image, and much to our delight, it ended up the cover photo! Imagine my delight when I opened the envelope to see the advance copy!

It was Bugeyed Bliss.

Back in 2008 we started building Bugeyes in my crowded tandem home garage. Now, roughly six years later, here are three Bugeyeguy Bugeyes on the cover of a premier international magazine. We rebuilt all three cars in our 5000 sq foot shop, which is chock full of Bugeyes and parts.

What I love most about Bugeyes is that no two are the same, and this story covers a great three car spectrum of Bugeye possibilities. From stock to modified and everything in between, we look forward to building the next 100 Bugeyes… and beyond!

On any given day, more than 100 Bugeyes we prepared, restored, resusitated or just simply made-work-properly are bombing around their neighborhoods, with lots of smiles on faces of drivers and watchers. We’re doing all we can to make these cars as wonderful for new owners, and we continue to get better and better at doing it. Thank you to our staff, and to all our subscribers, supporters, and wonderful customers who have propelled us to this moment in our journey. It has been a great ride!

Click here to read the Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car Cover story Sept 2013

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