Excellent 1961 Bugeye driver for sale! Video drive!




IMG_3898Pal is now sold and will be heading to a new home in Indiana! Congratulations Steve!

This fall, we’ve assembled a full range of fun cars for every budget. You can see all the cars still for sale by clicking on the current inventory tab in the right margin.

“PAL” is extremely solid, with an excellent underside. This car is tight, and quick, and does everything right.

The paint is very good, and looks quite shiny and striking. You can see the clouds reflecting in the photos. There are a few minor nicks in the paint, and one small ding, along with a few chips in front of the driver’s door, but otherwise, the paint looks quite nice. If you want a perfect paint job, we have other choices. But if you just want an sweet knock-around Bugeye, this is a great option. PAL has wonderful curb (or sidewalk) appeal! You’ll pay less than our other newly restored cars, but you’ll also have a great solid car that is sure to hold it’s value! And there is no rust!

Interior features really nice newly restored seats, great door pockets and correct liners, and new carpet. The car has a strong 948 engine, great transmission, excellent drum brakes. PAL has a brand new top, excellent tonneau, and a box with side curtains that I haven’t opened, but presume they are also excellent, pictures to follow.

Under the nose is quite clean, painted gray. Master cylinder looks new, and works great with no signs of leaks. Chrome appears new–bumpers, grill, emblems, all excellent!

All the car needs is a speedo rebuild. Otherwise, everything is great! It feels right because it is tight, rattle free, tracks well, rides well, and is a joy to drive.

This is good Bugeye fun!

Call or email for pricing and to take PAL or any of our Bugeyes home!

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