1970 Jaguar XKE 4.2 for sale!





This car is now sold! We’ll be looking for more great e-types!

Nothing Bugeye-ish about it… this is a big cat, and it is spectacular in every way. I parked the car for the pictures featured, and was completely in awe of the sculpture before me as I snapped the photos. An E-types is unlike any other car in the world. And here’s an opportunity to own one for a very reasonable price!

This particular car shows 22,522 miles on the clock. It runs great, with all the right gauge indications-good oil pressure, volts, etc. She pulls smoothly through the four gears, and handles on rails. It’s a very drivable car, with the stock engine and full synchro transmission, great brakes, and tons of luscious torque. The car has a good top, and I will post top-up pictures shortly.

These cars are really fun!

I purchased the car from a collector friend in Maryland, who drove it infrequently. The car shows beautifully, and looks stunning!

The prior owner told me that the car was repainted azure blue, a series three etype color from 1973/74. Oddly, I can find no evidence of any other color anywhere on the car… so the car looks like it was originally azure blue. That makes this is a very impressive respray. If you look in the trunk, for example, you will only see blue paint, including under the fuel tank! It’s nice work!

Interior is good, appears to feature original leather seats, they look great!

Take a video drive below! The car is solid, and ready to go!

Call or email if you would like more info or pricing on this big cat!

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