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Best Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite holiday gift under $40

IMG_3681IMG_3685IMG_3682I went to the machine shop today to watch our shift knob inserts come to life, and I thought you would enjoy seeing how these are made. Ancient British car technology meets computer controlled machining to carve our shift knob inserts out of solid aluminum billet, and to make the shift lever therapy you see below. We were inspired to make this part because the rubber mount that always lived inside Bugeye shift knobs (and comes on new ones) never gives a very positive interface between driver and shift knob.

First the rod is loaded into the chuck in the lathe and then the computer does the rest, cutting and trimming shift knob inserts while you wait. If only we could build the rest of the cars so quickly! Look closely and you can see the cutting tip machine the threads as the aluminum rod spins.

If you have a Bugeye, this is a great gift for your shifting hand, and if you know someone who loves these cars, this would be a great gift they can enjoy every time they run through the gears!

To install, simply unscrew your rubber insert and replace it with our metal one. Comes with low profile locking nut so you can center the shift pattern graphic on your knob. Installs in minutes and rewards you with a lifetime of tactile shifting bliss!

You can order by clicking the add to cart buttons below. Purchase the insert alone for your knob ($19.95) or order a new knob with the metal insert pre-loaded ($39.95). Note-all reproduction shift knobs are sold with the original type of rubber insert. Ours are the only ones sold with a metal alternative.

Insert-Use W/Your Knob $19.95

Nu Knob w/Insert Loaded $39.95

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