Exceptional restored 1960 5 speed Bugeye with all the best add-ons! For sale!

Robin is now sold and will soon head for a new home outside Halifax. Congratulations Kirk!

If you want the best of everything on your Bugeye, this is one does the job and is one of my favorites. You can see how nicely the car drives in the videos above and below!

The car is called “Robin,” (AN5L 21543) and she’s built with the most popular accessories including disk brakes, anti-roll bar, mini light wheels, low profile tires, and a rebuilt 1275 engine mated to a Datsun five speed transmission. That gear box offers improved overdrive highway cruising (and better gas mileage) as well as a fully synchronized gearbox. The car also features K & N lifetime air filters, stainless steel exhaust system (sounds great) custom mirrors, cross flow radiator and upgraded master and brake reservoirs, sourced from a later spridget, so that both clutch and brake reservoirs are independent. This is a nice safety feature.

The car was built by a meticulous craftsman down south. I have bought several cars from him, and his workmanship is exceptional. Everything about this car is excellent, the quality of the build comes through everywhere you look.

We further prepared this car for a new owner about two years ago. He ordered retractable three point seat belts, a powerful air horn, new tonneau and our great top and side curtain pouches to protect the weather gear while stowed in the trunk. When that owner told me he was ready to sell the car after just 1000 miles, I jumped on the opportunity to have Robin back. The car is loaded and ready to go!

If you want a Bugeye with all the best modifications, Robin is your girl! Call or email for pricing information.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours