How to turn an old race car into a fun car you can use on the street!



coker prototype drawingNumber 13 came to us with a great story.

The car was raced in the 60s and 70s, then parked, and then inherited by a loving son who hired us to bring the car back to life in the dad’s honor. Out from under the tree in the yard came this Bugeye, with cracked bondo and some floor rust. Here are the before pictures, and in the video you can see how we have begun to give this car a new life.

As with so many of these old racers, there was some trick go-fast strategy involved or maybe they just used what parts they had, but we had two left carbs installed, with a custom linkage. Try as we might to figure how how left carbs would be faster, we ended up changing to two rebuilt SUs with conventional linkage, so that the son could have a choke when he went to start this Bugeye in cooler temperatures.

We’ve rebuilt the hydraulics now, and the car drives well! The biggest challenge was the nose, which had the headlights shaved by dad, and rather than starting with a different used Bug eyed nose, we chose to keep dad’s personality alive within the car, and restore the nose as it looked when raced. That has taken a lot of time, but we are almost ready for paint.

At left is one of Gerry Coker’s prototype Bugeye drawings from the 50s. #13 is a fitting tribute to the pop up headlight Bugeye that never was!

In the video below, you can see how Bob fabricated the inner fenders, which were cut off in a former lifetime. We’ll have more updates as this car comes back to life!

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