Slick 1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Driver for sale, new floors!






Kent is moving to Texas! Congratulations Don!

If you are looking for a budget Bugeye, “Kent” should be on your radar!

This is a great choice for anyone looking for an entry-level car. We’ve done a lot to get this car ready for a new home! We started by restoring the entire underside, by welding-in completely new floor pans so the underside of the car is all new and completely restored.

Next we started mechanical restoration and put in a new exhaust system and a new master cylinder. Recently, we added new rear wheel cylinders, new rear brake hose, new rear brake shoes, new rear axle seals and gaskets, so that the rear brakes are completely restored. We also put in new rear radius arm bushings. Front brakes are also serviced. New chrome rear bumpers were added for a nice cosmetic detail, as was an entire new black carpet kit. Here’s a very affordable Bugeye with a lot of restoration work done!

Kent is a driver that you can use and enjoy right now, with a 1098 engine. He’s also a car you can upgrade at your leisure. Paint still looks presentable, but it’s an older job, and faded. There are a few blisters on the lower edges so some may want to do some body restoration, and then repaint the car. Others will use Kent just as he is. Another option is for the new owner to hire us to do the next chapter of restoration. They are all good choices.

The interior is nice, with new carpets, and fine seats. Dashboard could use a recover. For this price though, you have a Bugeye you can enjoy this weekend, and tinker with through the winter.

Kent opens the door for Bugeye fun at a low price point. This is a great start for anyone who wants to get into the hobby for a reasonable price. We’ve done the hardest work by replacing the floors especially if you don’t have a lift.

This is car AN5L 44528, another late car from near the end of the production run, built in late 1960 and first titled in 1961. Of note are really cool Western Mag wheels. I love ’em. The luggage rack is also nice to have. There is a top and tonneau, but they must be 20 years old, and have shrunk, so you’ll eventually need new ones (which we have). There is also a pair of good side curtains, which will need new rubber gaskets. No heater, that was removed somewhere down the line. We have heaters to install if that is important to the new owner.

I found some Watkins Glen Vintage festival passes from 1992 in the car, and that’s probably when the car last underwent it’s most restoration work by the previous owner (who owned the car for at least 20 years). Now, some folks would start a restoration again, or leave as is for a great budget Bugeye you can enjoy right now.

Call or email for more details! Test drive below!

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