Sweet 1960 5-Speed Bugeye Sprite for sale!






Hazel is now sold and will be moving to Georgia! Congratulations Alan!

This is “Hazel,” a really nice Bugeye with an upgraded 1275 engine mated to a Datsun five-speed transmission. Driving is a blast and you end up with a completely stock looking olde English white Bugeye with more zip and overdrive as well!

Shifting is buttery smooth. The engine is strong and pulls beautifully. The car is great fun to drive, and if you are new to old cars and transmissions, which sometimes require a little patience, this Datsun gear box is easy for even first-timers. I am sometimes asked if a Japanese transmission devalues these British cars… for purists seeking the stock and original, yes, and for everyone else who likes to make their bugeye as user-friendly as possible, it’s a big asset! One really nice aspect of the Bugeye community is there are several strong sub-groups. There are purists and there are modifiers, and both communities are really strong!

We serve everyone who loves Bugeyes!

This car rides nicely on tires from 2010 and stock drum brakes. The car starts up easily and runs great. The prior owner added motorcycle side mirrors to the doors for excellent rearward visibility. These work well! The car also has a very nice tonneau. No top or windows, but we have those in stock and can fit them to the car. The car is also fit with an excellent air horn upgrade, as well as a spin on oil filter kit for easier oil changes and a Pertronix electronic ignition module for better reliability than points.

The body and paint on this car is more driver than show quality (although almost any Bugeye does well at shows in any condition, for personality alone!). The interior is very good, with plush seats and even the original red rubber door lining.

The prior owner added a fiberglass nose. It’s a nice upgrade, that saves a lot of weight and makes the nose very easy to open. It still hinges conventionally, and lifts from the front, with the original locking mechanism in place. It’s a high quality nose, that looks just like a steel one, and you can’t tell it’s fiberglass until you knock on it with your knuckle, or notice the light weight when you give it a lift to access the engine.

Hazel got a budget paint job when the nose was installed. The nose would have arrived in primer and needed paint, so the whole car was sprayed. Paint looks good, but it’s not up to our high standards. There are a few small blisters starting to come out on her lower extremities. But then Hazel is not that kind of car. if you want something with nicer paint and a fresh restoration, we have lots of other choices. We try to keep a range of options for varying budgets. This is a car for someone who wants a great driver that looks quite respectable, comes with a 5 speed, and is offered at a very reasonable price.

Hazel was one of the favorite cars of the collector who used to own her, even though he had quite a large stable of very expensive classics. The new owner will similarly enjoy carefree Bugeye fun riding with Hazel!

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