A really nice Bugeye Sprite road trip




IMG_3233We had a great 2013, full of many new Bugeye friends and many more Bugeye miles on the now 111 cars we have sent to new homes. Each car out there helps us expand our database of information so we can continue to improve. Each car teaches us which parts work and which ones need improvement. Every year we gain new information and expertise.

One of my favorite memories from 2013 was a fun road trip this past summer in our Bugeye “Cole,” a modified 1380 CC five speed Super Bugeye Sprite (My high school Bugeye Gumby is off the road, getting a makeover). Leslie, Bodhi and I piled into the Sprite and headed to the Hemmings Sports and Exotics Car show in Saratoga Springs, with our first stop at a B&B in Hudson NY.

It was an awesome trip, with no issues. We drove on beautiful backroads through Northeastern CT and Interstate highway at 70 MPH North of Albany. The car worked perfectly without a hiccup, and Leslie and the dog loved the journey. The car show was great too. You can see pictures of this delightful mixed make car show in Sports and Exotics magazine.

What I most wanted to share was the story of our evening in Hudson. The bed and breakfast was a striking old manor, a remnant of Hudson’s heyday as a whaling town. But there was only on-street parking which is not my preference for a Bugeye, lest anyone parallel park into our car “by feel.” Our host was kind enough to invite our little car into his backyard, and so Cole spent the night in the garden, next to the glider, tucked in the corner of the property, as you can see pictured here. My favorite part of the trip was this seemingly small parking adventure, where a car with so much personality afforded a whole new parking possibility and thus an expansive relationship with our host. Life with a Bugeye is like that.

It rained quite hard that night, and the tonneau worked beautifully as a rain shield, with no leakage. A good tonneau works quite well to keep the weather out, and with a fair bit of toweling off the exterior, we were off again in the sun, and ready for a great car show.

Incidentally, while we didn’t use the top and windows for the rain storm, we did use that gear on the interstate drive home, to keep the cockpit cozy and quiet as we motored home through the night.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us as we have grown in 2013. Without you we would not have had this perfect experience, without all the cars we have seen we would not have the expertise to make our Bugeye great to transport us to and fro on this journey. And we strive to use this expertise each and everyday to make your Bugeye and all the Bugeyes out there great for their owners too!

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