Best in Show Austin Healey 1954 100 with M modifications for Sale

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This car is now sold! Congratulations Nick and Happy Birthday!

This car has been cleaning up on the Florida show circuit. If you are new to our site, I owned and enjoyed this car for several years, sold it to Phil in Florida and now he has asked us to sell it for him. Here he shares some new photos of his winnings, including trophies from impressive shows where he was competing with highly collectible vintage Ferraris.

While this is not a factory color scheme, it is a magic combination of colors that complement the shape of the car, and people seem to universally approve. She just looks right! Did you know that Donald Healey also made boats? This is burgundy is one of his boat colors.

This particular car is ready for a new owner. She’s ready to go and show! Please call for additional information.

Here’s a striking 1954 100-4 BN1 roadster for sale, complete with a dealer 100M kit installed. This is a car I owned and enjoyed for several years and then sold to a great customer in Florida, who now wants to sell the car, so this striking sculpture is available once again! He has taken great care of the car for the past few years and put in a 100M air box under the hood to complete the Lemans kit that has been installed.

The car was designed by Gerry Coker, same fellow who penned the Bugeye, and it is a stunning design. The current owner has shown the car extensively in Florida and won just about everything he entered, at times besting multi-million dollar Ferraris. The color scheme is a really a knock out.

If you are unfamiliar, these cars were named for their ability reach 100 mph, which they would not do until the fold down windshield was added, which reduced aerodynamic drag sufficiently such that this speed could be attained. This windshield is one of the most delightful features of these cars. Photos are shown here with the windshield in the low position — click the photo album below to see additional pictures with the windshield up.

The car is in exceptional shape, and has been fit with 100M modifications, including M engine mods for more power and a leather strap, recent M air box (not pictured) and louvered bonnet. I’ve noticed while driving this car that people seem to really like the leather belt across the nose.

The car is painted burgundy over cream coves, and the result is fantastic. The restorer told me he chose this color from the palette used on Donald Healey’s boats. This is a unique color combination that makes this car exceptionally elegant and unlike any other Healey.

The car has an excellent drivetrain, with an electric fan added, Petronix breakerless ignition and stainless steel exhaust. She comes with an excellent top and sidecurtains, very strong mechanically, with great oil pressure and lots of power. Starts every time, effortlessly.

Ready to enjoy!

See more photos by clicking here:

Take a fun drive in the video below and feel free to call for more details on this exceptional motorcar!

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