Saturday afternoon at

On this particular Saturday in January, a host of different projects are coming together, and I wanted to include you on this quick tour. First up is fuel sender issue, which is common with Bugeyes.

On Colin the blue Bugeye on the lift, the gauge was forever on empty, so we dropped the tank to find a plastic sender full of fuel and permanently sunk. We sell a metal float upgrade with our senders, which fixes the problem forever. Also on this tank you can see evidence of a fuel leak when the tank is full, with staining and blisters showing around the sender screws. We seal and pressure test all our tanks before reinstalling! Full tank leaks are common on Bugeyes, because of this vulnerable sender mounting area.

Our Black Bugeye is taking shape. This car will be for sale soon, once we finish buffing, put in a black interior with red piping, and black anodized minilight wheels. We can’t wait to see the finished product.

This car can be finished to your specifications if you want us to build it out just for you! Call or email if you would like to own this restored car.

And our race car conversion is also nearing completion, she’s a striking 60s racer that is coming back to life as a fun street car.

Thanks for coming on this short tour!

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