1000 mile Bugeye- Part three–preparation completes with top and mirrors


Prep time has run out! Alan’s flight lands Monday afternoon at 3 at the New Haven Airport, just eight miles from our shop, and he plans to get on the road Monday evening and start his 1000 mile adventure back to Cumming, Georgia. We’re on schedule and the car is ready!

Today we moved the mirrors out board so that side curtains could be used and we mounted a used top and side curtains to make the drive a bit more civilized. We also fixed the last few weak links so Alan would be most likely to have a trouble free drive. The license plate light needed to be rebuilt– minor, but we wanted to make sure the car meets all legal requirements. We also repaired the slave cylinder, which started to leak so now it has been completely rebuilt. We have replaced dozens of slave cylinders, these are a chronic weak spot on most British cars. We hope to develop a new and improved slave cylinder in the coming months, so that this is a part that in the future will require less frequent replacement.

I road tested Hazel on the interstate and was very happy with the results– and I took a picture of the great numbers as you see above– Alan can cruise at 70 without issue. This is a fun car that’s great to drive, and Alan will let us know how we did, and hopefully report that anyone can make a 1000 mile winter Bugeye drive in a well prepared car, without issue.

We are confident!

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