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Made it! 955 winter miles in a Bugeye Sprite in 24 hours!


Alan and Hazel arrived home in Cumming, Georgia tonight, about 24 hours after they left our shop in Branford, CT. That’s them in front of their home garage at last. Alan stands remarkably erect after about 20 almost straight hours in a bugeye driver’s seat.

He put 955 miles on his new Bugeye, drove through the night, slept three hours, and was back at it all day today. He encountered sunny skies and 14 degrees this morning, and snow and rain this afternoon, including heavy wet snow south of Charlotte, which clogged up the Bugeye wipers and filled the lip at the top of the windshield with snow. He drove into warmer air as he crossed into Georgia and completed his trip without incident.

If you watched the weather channel today, you probably wouldn’t leave the house in the Atlanta area, and a lot of you who have been following this journey reported that the snow was falling all around Alan’s destination. And yet Alan soldiered on, with his 1960 vehicle which was built long before the weather channel even existed. It does sound like he was lucky to make it home before the next wave of snow begins to fall!

We are very proud to report that we passed this extreme weather reliability test and made a Bugeye that was up to the task. Alan did invest in the best we had to offer before this trip, allowing us to replace any part that we felt wasn’t up to the journey. Our experience paid off. Don’t try this with your average EBAY Bugeye.

Thank you Alan for showing us all the true potential of these wonderful little cars. And thank you also for sharing your adventurous spirit and inspiring us all!

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