(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Fantastic Five Speed 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale!


Mitch is now sold, and will soon be heading to Michigan. Congratulations Dennis!

Check out this slick Bugeye!

This is Mitch, a very fast Bugeye with a 1275 engine. Mitch has a lot of practical upgrades for anyone who wants to drive their Bugeye in the modern world. The car is slightly lowered for even better handling, has beautiful knock-off minilight wheels and slightly wider tires, and a side draft weber carburetor with K and N lifetime air filters. The engine has been made more reliable with electronic ignition, and better for highway use with a datsun five speed conversion. Brakes are improved with front disks and engine access is better with a flip forward nose. The car also has stunning custom leather seats, which are nearly new.

This is a dry and rust free southwestern car with a new tonneau. The car has an excellent finish in original dark green, the factory color that was available in 1959 before leaf green was introduced. The car was restored about eight years ago, with new floors welded in and new paint applied.

There are those people who want totally stock Bugeyes and there is an equally strong group that wants a stock looking modified Bugeye with the best modern improvements. Mitch is a wonderful contender for the later group, and if you want to drive your Bugeye fast, Mitch would be an excellent choice!

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