(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

This is a great 1275 powered 1960 Bugeye for sale called “Elliot”-take a test drive!


Elliot is now sold and will soon head to Michigan! Congratulations Marty!

Come for a drive in “Elliot,” a quick little Sprite, with a 1275 engine, disk brakes and wire wheels. We have him for sale at $18,995, which is very reasonable for a sorted and well-modified wire wheel car. Click the test drive video above!

This is a super nice car with a number of great modifications. For example, he has an exhaust header that helps power this car off the line quite nicely as well as an uprated dual master cylinder system which offers separate reservoirs for brake and clutch (unlike the tandem reservoir on the original set-up). This is adapted from a later Sprite, and a common modification that improves reliability and makes master cylinder maintenance easier. The car also has a wiper motor from a later Sprite, which is a smart retrofit when the dual master cylinders are fit because it fits better with these masters. Also fit is a solid state electronic fuel pump, which we have found to be more reliable.





The front end is lowered, and we have dropped the rear suspension a bit to match, for better handling. There is also a recent new fuel tank in the car for better reliabilty. These are all good upgrades and smart maintenance items to improve the Bugeye experience.

This car was built by a well known British car mechanic in Louisiana who retired, and sold me his Bugeye primarily because of health reasons. We are lucky to have his work in our inventory, and this is a particularly quick Bugeye that really rips! This would be the perfect car for anyone who wants to drive their Bugeye frequently and who would enjoy more power and a disk braking system. Cosmetics are quite nice and the car will impress anyone.

We’ve just completed a significant service on items that perish from sitting, including replacing the rear hub seals, replacing rear wheel cylinders, repairing the radius arm bushings, properly tuning and shimming the front suspension and lubricating the front end. We went over the car and it is ready to go! There is no top, windows or tonneau as this was a fair weather car in warm climate. We have all those items in our shop and can fit them to this car if so desired, in your choice of colors.

This is an excellent solid Southern car. We have a great range of choices right now with Bugeyes for every budget! Email if you’d like our current price list.

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