THE Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite to buy


Here’s a little secret… no matter what British car you buy, there are going to be some issues, so the best car you can afford is actually the best bargain.

Here’s “Aiden,” a 1959 Bugeye that was done meticulously and thoughtfully by a top-shelf restorer. Everything is spotless and new, everything works great, everything is put together properly. I wish I could say that about



more of the 122 Bugeyes we’ve sold! And if you are thinking that the EBAY car you are coveting is just as nice for less money, I have bad news for you (ask me how I know). The truth is that most “restored” British cars have had plenty of bucks invested, but often need the experience and skill to get everything integrated and working properly.

Lots of the new parts one can buy are inferior, or don’t fit, and unless you know what works and what doesn’t, you can end up with a “restored” car that needs a lot of sorting out. We have gotten very good at this function, because the reality is that the fleet of all British cars out there are often a bit challenged and we know where to look when we get a Bugeye (or any British car) into our shop.

Thus our cars have great track records, including Allen’s recent 1000 mile trip in Hazel (without issue) from our shop to Atlanta in the first 24 hours after he picked up his car. In fact, next week, we have a couple flying in from South Carolina to drive their new Bugeye Wally from our shop through New England and then home to SC, another 1000 mile drive on a British car that is new to them. To make this possible, each of these cars needed some sorting to prepare for the trip. Not so with Aiden, this is a rare example of a car that was properly sorted by the builder.

If I were looking for a Bugeye I could cherish and rely upon, and a Bugeye that could also win at shows for me, I would chose this car. The fact that we still have this car in inventory means I have not effectively communicated what a great car this is. Here’s your chance to purchase a master craftsman’s exhaustive labor and attention to detail for pennies on the dollar. Dont miss this opportunty!

I have lowered the price a bit to make ownership even more attractive. The car has a rebuilt engine, rebuilt everything, as well as great top and windows. Look at the current inventory post for Aiden, and you can see a video of the immaculate underside as well as a large photobucket album of pictures. Serious buyers feel free to call or email with questions!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours