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Super cool 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Vintage racer for sale!


Fletch is not yet sold, just modified into a street car now. If you see Fletch in the current inventory slider, the car is still for sale. You can use this post to see many of the race car modifications, many still in place on the street version.

Looking for a race car this summer? Today we drove ours and it was a blast!

Here’s Russ, master Bugeye technician, in “Fletch,” (AN5L 29594) a Bugeye you can trailer to the track this weekend for vintage races, autocross or hill climb events. (the nose comes off easily with fast pins, we have it off during this testing session)

Watch this rocket scream in the video below!






This is a turn key racer, ready to run, with thousands spent by prior owners to set it up for maximum performance. It can be converted back to a street car–but there are currently no lights, just one racing seat, and very firm suspension, all for best lap times, so the street conversion would take some doing (although we can do it). Because this car is so well prepared, the ideal buyer for this car would be looking for a ready to race Bugeye. I am contemplating taking this car to Lime Rock for a school day -it’s ready to run at any track for the new owner, as a competitive car or a great school car too!

This a race car is super well prepared, and fully sorted. It last ran in 2011 according to the log book, in a vintage race in the midwest. The first race in the log is 1994 in Las Vegas.

Fletch is fit with a bunch of cool performance stuff including a 1098 race engine, fat sway bar, rear panhard bar, adjustable radius arms, offset a arm bushings, offset rear leaf springs, stiff rear tube shocks, vented rear brake back plates, aluminum radiator, large oil cooler and hoosier 185/70 race tires. Master cylinders have been upgraded to a dual system from a later Sprite.

Engine is a later 1098 with 2 inch main bearings and a beefier vibration damper, plus ARP studs and a nice custom timing pointer on that pulley. Exhaust is a trick un muffled three into one collector off the engine so that the car can run lower without exhaust pipe interference. There’s a lot of nice workmanship throughout!

The single race seat is very comfortable for anyone who is 5’7 or taller, it’s low and would accommodate anyone up to about 6’3.” Another race seat can be added for school events, or a stock Bugeye seat could be put in the passenger side, or two bugeye seats can be added. There are lots of options. The battery is on the passenger floor as on most racers, behind that nice covered panel. Indicated mileage is 68614.

I would budget about $3-$5000 for a street conversion project including headlights, turn signals, air filters and cooling fan. A top will require a little fabrication, but we can do it too. All this is subject to the specs of the new owner, we can do anything! And if you want to track this car, it is ready to run today!

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