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Superb restored (early) 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale

Sunday morning was always car time, when my dad and I would pour over the New York Times Sunday classifieds and look at what cool old cars might be for sale. Then we would go out exploring! So here’s the modern Sunday morning video equivalent now that classifieds routinely come to life… a youtube Bugeye Drive in Heathcote, our cool yellow Bugeye for sale. Come for a drive with Bodhi and me!

IMG_0176Update! Heath is now sold and will be heading to Switzerland! Bring a sweater! Congratulations Peter!!!

This is Heathcote, AN5L 7840, built in late 1958 and then sold (and titled) in 1959. He comes with a Heritage certificate that confirms the build date and primrose yellow as the original color with black trim.

This is a sweetheart that was extremely well restored a number of years ago and then driven by a meticulous owner in the midwest. He was stored in the winter and always babied, never abused. Everything is documented, including each fuel fill-up through the years, in a hand written dog-eared notebook.


The last owner had the car for 30 years and he upgraded the car with a rebuilt 1275 engine. The correct original engine is available if desired. All the numbers match per the heritage certificate. If you want a great Bugeye, this is your car! Drives great and just a joy to have!

UPDATE: our exceptional painter Jeremy just wet sanded Heathcote’s paint with 3000 grit sandpaper and then polished the entire car… if you like the pictures of the car in the sun (which were shot before the paint was detailed), you’ll really love it now! The car looks stunning, with a deep shine! The photos in our shop display how the car sits right now, with a like new mirror finish. New also is a relocated Hazard/flasher switch, now hidden under the dash, just out of view, but still ready at a flick of the switch! Now the dash looks stock and unmolested! I didn’t care for the switch hanging in plain view, and interrupting the smooth curves of the nice Bugeye dashboard, so we moved it out of view.

Heath comes with a great tonneau and the original soft side curtains that would be correct for a Bugeye of this vintage (the sliding plexiglass side curtains came later). The top is good, but older. I have posted new pictures of the weather gear. The car also comes with a nice homemade side curtain pouch!

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