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1967 MGB roadster, nice driver for sale, this is the year to have!


Here’s a great MGB for summer fun! This is the best year, a steel dash model with the most attractive interior, before the cars got muddied up with emissions, reflectors and plastic trim! (in 68 the pillow dash was introduced, and it’s ugly!) Any car pre 68 is the year to have! . She’s great fun to drive, come along with me in the video below!(and make sure to click “read more” below to see more pictures)




This example was recently painted in Jaguar green metallic. The Finish is excellent. She was also fit with mini light wheels, which are stronger than the wire wheels that would have been fit new. Tires are nearly new, wheels and tires are excellent.

A later gearbox was fit from a later MGB so the shifting is all synchro, which means a much more user-friendly drive because the first gear is synchronized as with a modern car (this is a common MGB upgrade). The car drives great! She also has a good removable top and frame. Other upgrades include an auxilliary electric cooling fan and sport steering wheel. The entire front suspension was recently rebuilt, with new king pins, springs, shocks, a arms and polyurethane bushings. Front brakes were also redone with new calipers and stainless steel hoses. This is a big job and all really good stuff! U joints were also replaced. All expensive and all done!

She is fit with a single 12 volt battery in one of the original battery boxes. This is a common upgrade, as the two original 6 volts provide excessive opportunity for more corroded terminals. This set-up works!

The seats are from a later MGB… they work fine, and you can also change those back to the correct ones which would have originally been leather, and can be replaced with leather either as a complete seat or as a kit which you would assemble yourself. If you want an easy project, this is not difficult, and would be fun for any hobbyist. Otherwise, you can hit the beach this fourth of July in style without doing a thing!

Most importantly, this is a rust free car, with a great underside and great rocker panels and great fender bottoms! It’s all been restored! The floor has been restored too.

Come and enjoy! I can’t think of a better classic car investment for under 10k, and these have been rising in value. I have had MGBs since the 70s– I love these cars and this is a solid one.

Still available as of 8-24-14 due to a non- paying out-of-the area ebay auction winner. A great value!



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