Brilliant Modified 5 Speed and Fast Bugeye for Sale, “Priscilla.”

Priscilla is now sold to (now) 87 year old Rod Buller who you bought a different Bugeye from us last year! He wanted more power, so he traded his former Bugeye for this one. Way to go Rod! You can read more about Rod by clicking here…

This is a superb Bugeye and one of the best you’ll ever drive. She’s loaded with performance modifications and also looks fantastic! She has gone three thousand miles since you saw her last, and now sports a new clutch and battery.

We’ve removed the rollbar which you’ll see in some of the photos, to make the cockpit roomier. Check out the video for more details!

Check out this great photo album for Priscilla!

The builder of this Bugeye has had a long love affair with Bugeyes, and set out to build the ultimate Frogeye.

He installed a Datsun 210 engine (disguised with an Austin valve cover sticker) and 5 speed Datsun 210 transmission. This engine is 1397CC 80 Horsepower 210 engine, quite a bit more powerful than a 1275 engine in stock form, and then he further modified it for even more power with a Crane cam and Weber carb… more power while retaining good street-abilty. And the last owner claims to have gotten 42 MPG on the highway!

He next custom-fit a Cosworth Vega posi-traction rear end, both lowering the axle ratio for better highway cruising and strengthening the entire assembly to handle the added horsepower. It’s all very well executed, tidy and extremely well done with the added advantage of being field tested by the builder. He put at least 7k miles on this set-up, ample time to get it right.

Next he fit a Geo Metro power-assisted master cylinder powering Sprite/Midget disk brakes for the best stopping I have yet experienced in a Bugeye. An independent clutch master cylinder was also fit, from a Nissan 300Z. And then he shod the car with sticky 175 wide tires on minilight wheels. For cooling he fit a Dodge Colt radiator, supplemented by an auxiliary electric fan.

There are tons of other mods like a fat front anti-roll bar, and a killer heater (that has to blow out about as many BTUs as a stock 948 engine!!!), custom gauges, custom seats with head rests, LED tail lights, safety flashers and a fiberglass light-weight nose with a custom cockpit mounted bonnet release.

This car is very quick and stops beautifully, and cruises effortlessly. Ready to go! Comes with new tonneau, older but good top and side curtains. Also comes with builder’s notes and build sheet and Datsun Haynes manuals for the engine. We also put a new fuel tank in the car in 2013, with a new brass fuel sender that won’t decay due to ethanol.

This is a wonderful custom Bugeye that Bugeyes better than most Bugeyes on the road. If you want a Bugeye that out performs most other Bugeyes, this is the one for you!

Check out this great photo album for Priscilla!

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