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Excellent dry and rust free 1959 TR3A for sale!


Now sold and heading to Massachusetts… Congratulations Jeff!

This 1959 TR3A is called “Mischa.” We have Mischa back again, and he’s got new white wall tires along with about $4,000 in other improvements! More on those in a minute…

I bought this car in 2011 from a friend who had purchased the car about 4 year prior from a long-time owner in Arizona. The car spent it’s life in the dry Southwest and it shows… this is an un-restored car that is completely rust free and solid-a very rare find indeed! For example, take a look inside his spare tire well (second to last photo) and you will see an original and rust-free tire locker. The trunk floor also is remarkably rust free and original. In fact, around the trunk you can still see the original weather strip and gaskets (see photo album). Life in Arizona was good to this car!


Click to see Mischa’s photo album.

I sold the car in 2012 to a local collector who has purchased eight cars from us, and before we sent it to him, he had us do several thousand dollars in work, including replacing the tires with new wide whitewall radials, replacing the top with a new white one, replacing the tonneau with a matching white new one, adding a hood stick cover (shown) also in white. We also replaced the old carpet with a new red kit. This car is better than ever. He also has a brand new battery.

The pictures with white walls are current at bottom of page… the pictures with black walls in photobucket link were taken in 2012 with old carpet too, which is now all replaced.

Overall this car is just right for anyone looking for an unusually solid, dry and unmolested driver. They’re hard to find! There is something very liberating about this car- it is nice enough to impress but not so polished that it produces stress when parking in a public place. It’s a Tr3 you can really enjoy. Cosmetically he shows just a few minor nicks and the bonnet was repainted once (although you have to look hard to detect this). Not a trailer queen-just really nice!

The car underwent a massive service by marque experts in 2009, with a new electronic fuel pump, new master cylinders, breakerless ignition and complete front end rebuild. It was money well spent as the car is tight and drives extremely well, with excellent power. Mischa has traveled very few miles since.

The original leather seats are still very good with some patina. He has the original engine and 4 speed transmission, all in excellent shape. Original side curtains and pouches are also included. Mischa also comes with a good spare tire and wheel, all properly stored in the spare tire well.

Triumph Commission number TS 47038L.

This is a good strong car with a great engine and non-overdrive four speed transmission, ready for many fun miles! The underside is excellent, I’ll have pictures soon. Call if you’d like more information!

Click to see Mischa’s photo album.

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