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One owner 1962 MGA Mk 2 for sale!


Now sold and heading to Tennessee! Congratulations Michael!

Here’s a new driving video and a new price for this great MGA! Check it out if you are looking for a British classic that is sure to appreciate.

This great car has two particularly wonderful assets… as the last of the series, it’s the most rare MGA with the lowest production numbers (other than the twin cam) and it’s a one owner car! The value is further enhanced because it has the restored original engine and transmission that came in this car, rather than the 1800 B engine that is often swapped into MGAs. We have this exceptional car available at a new reduced price of $21,995.

IMG_7215I’m a big fan of this particular MGA and have a black mk II in my own personal collection which I plan to keep forever. I have fallen in love with the uncluttered rear fender of the last series. Even though I don’t care for the larger Mark 2 tail light, I feel the body is actually the nicest with the tail light moved closer to the centerline.

Regardless, of all the MGAs we have owned, the Mark two has always been the most desirable, with just 2365 made in 62 of the more than 100k MGAs that were manufactured. This one has been lovingly maintained by one faithful owner who bought it new in 1963. A copy of the original title comes with the car, which dates the original purchase as a leftover in 1963, by the owner I purchased the car from. The underside is excellent, and extremely solid. She was sitting of late, but we have just completed a number of repairs to bring the car back up to excellent readiness.

The car comes with a very good recent top to match the car, a good tonneau in the same off white material, and good side curtains. In the center console is a small custom box with four switches that was added by the owner for driving practicality… one switch for four way flashers, one is a high beam flasher, the third controls the lucas back up light and the fourth for an electric washer pump he added since the stock version is a bit anemic at best. This is a fun set of accessories that the prior owner used to enhance the driving experience of this car. The original owner also added a solid state fuel pump and a second redundant identical pump with a toggle switch in the trunk should one fail. Never seen one of these cube pumps fail, but this car has a back up plumbed in. He also put in a very useful anti theft battery kill behind the driver seat. Its a big healey switch and it looks period correct.

We’ve just added new front shocks and a new pulley on the crank which was cracked. Now the car runs and drives beautifully! Good twin replacement 6 volt batteries (as she had when new) are also in place. We also just replaced the fuel sender gasket. She’s ready to go!

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