Restored, clean and tight 1967 MGB roadster for sale!

IMG_0572Now Sold and heading to New York,congratulations Tim!

This is one to fly in and drive home.

I love Early MGBs and here’s an extremely well restored classic. She runs, shifts, stops beautifully and looks fantastic too! New interior, new paint, new mechanicals… a labor of love you’ll be proud to own and enjoy. She’s a blast to drive, tempted me to stay out all afternoon for easy MG cruising. The car is tight and powerful. The price is excellent too… here’s a completely restored B for just $15,995.



One reason the car rides so well is that the front end was completely rebuilt with British MGB V8 suspension bushings and a fatter front anti roll bar. All new brake parts were also fit. So were rack boots, rotors and carbs.

The engine bay is excellent and nicely detailed. Engine number 18gb uh 500030, this is the five main bearing engine correct for the car. Indicated mileage is 24,632.

I love the look of the new factory repro cloth wiring harness you see under the hood. The underside is excellent. Any rust was removed during the restoration with new rocker panels and sheet metal welded in place as needed.

The car comes with an excellent stow away top and great top frames you fold and then split into two pieces, to store in the trunk. The trunk is fit with a carpet kit and carpeted MG spare tire cover with logo. No tonneau or top boot, but both are available for an extra fee.

A single 12 volt battery was fit. The car starts easily and runs great! A solid state fuel pump is also fit in the proper location adjacent to the battery.

You could spend a whole lot more and build one of these, or instead invest in this one, which has already received a massive makeover from a patient and conscientious restorer.

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