Slick 1959 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite driver for sale with nice upgrades!


Hudson is now sold and will be heading to a new home in Connecticut. Congratulations Mark!!!

Meet “Hudson,” a Bugeye titled in 1959 but built in 1958. He’s car number AN5L 4650, showing 46440 miles. We are lucky to have this car because he was very well loved by a prior owner for the last 30 years. He put about 13k miles on it since he purchased the car in 1984. It’s quite special when someone says to me that they want to take one farewell drive in their baby before it goes, and the passion John put into the car is evident. NEW VIDEO! Click “read more” below video for more pix and info!





This is a great Bugeye at a very reasonable price. The car is solid and it has all the right upgrades… 1275 engine, front disk brakes, front sway bar and wire wheels. This is a car you can drive and enjoy, or you can use it as a great platform while you restore the cosmetics. If you have been looking for a solid Bugeye driver, this one has serious potential!

There’s lots of great stuff he accumulated over the years, all working nicely on the car. He has a front anti roll bar for flatter cornering, later rear brake wheel cylinders for better performance and reliability, later brake and clutch master cylinders for longevity, a later cross flow radiator for better cooling, oil cooler, SU electronic fuel pump, lifetime K & N air filters and an excellent performance exhaust for wonderful acoustics. He’s also got a new wiring harness which was put in in the 90s and a Spax tube shock kit in the rear, which is the only tube shock conversion we endorse because these don’t hang down below the body like others do, and thus are not at risk of being pranged on the road.

The underside is solid, with evidence of an earlier floor pan repair, all well done and in fine shape.

The car is very presentable with a ten footer paint job, so a repaint might be nice, but then again, like the prior owner, you might be more interested in drivability than cosmetics, in which case I would leave this car as is. It’s really fun to drive. The nose opens conventionally, with hinges by the windshield. At some point, locks were installed on the back of the nose, but these are now non-functional. You can see these on the trailing edge of the bonnet.

The top is brand new, the tonneau is nice and show no wear. It fits tight in the cool weather but will soften up a bit in the sun. If you are in a cold climate, you’ll probably want a new tonneau, or this one can be modified for a better fit. Comes with a nice set of pouches for side curtains and jack, knock off hammer and highway flares.

There is some maintenance due, and we can do it for the new owner… the rear wire wheel splines are clacking a bit, and could be replaced to create a tighter driveline. This is a common maintenance issue for wire wheel cars, and you can hear the clicking as the car accellerates and decelerates. Tires are older, and should also be replaced for safety and better ride quality. I wouldn’t be surprised if the slave cylinder is leaking, which is also now pretty routine maintenance, all of which we can do for the new owner. The engine is middle-aged but strong, with good oil pressure. At this price, it’s a lot for your money.

When done with that service, you’ll have a nice fun Bugeye to enjoy, at a very reasonable price. The car is available for $13,900. The new owner will need to budget another $1000 or so for maintenance before delivery (which we can do for you), or, if you would prefer to do the work yourself, we can provide the parts for less.

Go Hudson! Call for more details.

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